The Touro College Legal Fellows program is one of America’s most ambitious programs for legal stewardship and public service. We offer qualified applicants first-hand experience working at all levels of practice in a large higher educational institution.

Selected individuals typically spend up to one-year working as a Fellow to senior Touro College administrators, department heads and other top-ranking members of the Touro administration and leadership.

It is essential to the healthy functioning of our educational system that we have a generous supply of future leaders who have an understanding — gained first hand — of the challenges that higher educational institutions face. Today, the nonprofit sector is a major economic and social force, and our Fellows become expert strategists in harmonizing social benefits with economic realities and returns. By becoming involved in our global institution, Fellows gain a sense of the societal importance in which higher education plays on the world stage.

The Touro College Legal Fellows Program is designed to give superbly qualified legal professionals precisely those experiences.

Assignments demand a capacity to take the initiative for quick learning and a willingness to work hard, often on issues outside of their area of expertise. Responsibilities range from: sophisticated legal research and writing; analysis of legislation and administrative regulations; participating in inter-department meetings; designing and implementing school policies; representing the institution before regulatory bodies and in Court; to handling all aspects of real estate and corporate transactions. Fellows work with in-house attorneys, as well as outside counsel from major national law firms, organizational allies, lobbyists, and congressional and USDOE staff on legislative, regulatory and general corporate matters. Job assignments can vary from one Fellow to the next.

Touro College Legal Fellows receive a stipend and can receive compensation from any other source during their service. Fellows are encouraged to apply for supplemental funding which may be available from a variety of sources including their own law schools, Equal Justice Works, Skadden Fellowship Program, and the George N. Lindsay Civil Rights Legal Fellowship, to name a few.

In return for the privilege of participating in the Fellowship, Fellows are expected to apply what they have learned by, after leaving our halls, contributing to the nation as leaders in their respective fields and in public service.