CAMPSEC: Say Something

Attending college is often associated with making a lot of difficult decisions.

July 19, 2016
  • “My wallet was stolen while on the subway on my way home.”
  • “I was followed by a stranger while traveling to my campus.”

  • An increase in violent crimes, such as “slashing” that have been reported on our city streets lead us to remind you of the following safety tips:
  • It only takes a second for a crime to be committed, so please be mindful of your
  • surroundings,
  • Try not to display money, jewelry or electronic devices in public, and don’t leave your personal property unattended.
  • If you are taking the subway:
  • Wait near the station booth or near off hours waiting areas.
  • Ride the conductors’ car when traveling late at night
  • Always wait behind the yellow line away from the edge
  • Don’t sleep on the train.
  • Always be attentive while walking in the street:
  • Try to walk with a friend
  • If you feel someone is following you, go into a public store and ask for help.

Remember that Security professionals on our campuses and law enforcement in our communities cannot be everywhere and we depend on you to be our eyes and ears!