Important Notices

Congratulations to the winners of our challenge in the last EPICS issue, Patrick Leytham, Touro University Nevada; Aryeh Morgulies, Touro College New York; and Sanford Weinberg, Touro College Los Angeles.

July 19, 2016
  1. What do the acronyms EC and EEC stand for at Touro?
  2. Name one thing that is expected of the EC during an emergency.
  3. Why is the EEC important?
  4. Where can you find information about the EECs on your floor/building?
  5. What are your primary and secondary Designated Assembly Area? (Submit your name and work location with the answer.)
  6. What is the difference between a lockout and a lockdown?


Campus Security

During the past spring semester we launched several training initiatives:

  1. Stay Safe 360 - Violence against Women Act (VAWA)

    This training was sent to newly enrolled students and employees. We encourage all the participants to complete the training.

  2. “ALICE”
    ALICE is active shooter awareness training. At this time the training is being sent to our Directors and Emergency Evacuation Coordinators. This training is twofold. Once our participants have completed the training they will be attending the second portion of the training in which they practice what they have learned. We look forward to expanding this training to all students, faculty and staff soon.
  3. Campus Security Authority
    This training is for those who are designated Campus Security Authorities. We will be sending out the refresher link for 2016. The refresher course is only ½ hour long. Those who are new to the position will be sending the entire module to complete.