Ross Zucker, PhD, MPhil

Deputy Chair for Lander College for Men

Ross Zucker standing by blackboard

Dr. Ross Zucker is Professor of Political Science and Deputy Chair of the Department for the Lander College for Men. He holds M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in political science, each with distinction, from Yale University. He teaches courses in American politics, democracy, political theory, comparative politics, political economy, and global terrorism. Prior to coming to Touro, he taught at Yeshiva University.

Prof. Zucker has written extensively on the theory of democracy, economic justice, economic rights, property rights, political economy, and the history of political and economic theory. His book Democratic Distributive Justice, published by Cambridge University Press, was named an Outstanding Academic Title 2001 by Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Social Philosophy and the Columbia University faculty colloquium on Political Economy and Contemporary Social Issues.

Prof. Zucker is currently researching the nature of the American political system, particularly the distribution of political power.  He seeks to define major characteristics of a regime type between democratic pluralism and plutocracy. In addition he assesses the extent to which American national government can be characterized as democratic. His email address is