High-Ranking Public Official Calls Social Workers “The Conscience Of Society”

Date: April 12, 2010
(Photo Credit: Tom Martinez)
(Photo Credit: Tom Martinez)
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Public Advocate Bill de Blasio Addresses More Than 100 MSW Candidates and Faculty from Touro College’s Graduate School of Social Work About “Navigating The Social Work Politics Of New York City.”

Bill de Blasio, center, Public Advocate for the City of New York, spoke recently to an impressive standing- room-only crowd of more than 100 MSW candidates and faculty members from Touro College’s Graduate School of Social Work at Congregation Adereth El in Manhattan about “Navigating the Social Work Politics of New York City.” He is pictured here with, from left, Joan Edwards, an alumna of the Graduate School of Social Work; Dr. Steven Huberman, dean of GSSW; Leah Davidowitz, GSSW alumnus; and David Mandel, chairman of GSSW’s Professional Advisory Committee and CEO of Ohel-Children’s Home and Family Services. De Blasio offered high praise for social workers, who he said remain at the front lines of an ongoing battle, especially in these economically disadvantaged times. He said that social workers should continue to take a broader, more aggressive role in helping institute changes to public policy, adding that in tough times, it is important for social workers to always remember their commitment to act as advocates for at-risk individuals and people in need. Both Edwards and Davidowitz responded to de Blasio’s remarks, pointing out areas where they thought the system needs improvement, such as better communication among government agencies and quicker response times. Each offered recommendations to de Blasio in his new role as Public Advocate.