Joseph P. Frey, Deputy Commissioner in the Office of Higher Education at the New York State Education Department, Keynotes at the Faculty Meeting of Touro College’s Graduate School of Education

Date: January 17, 2011
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Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
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Joseph P. Frey, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Higher Education, New York State Education Department (pictured center), was the keynote speaker at the College’s recent faculty meeting of the Graduate School of Education, on Wed., Jan 12.

Noting that Touro has one of the largest elementary and special education programs in the state, Mr. Frey complimented Touro on its meaningful service to a diverse constituency, saying Touro is “positioned for the future.” He told the audience that “if there’s one word going on in Albany - it’s change.” Among the issues Mr. Frey cited as being on the agenda are education, recruitment, retention, certification and compensation of teachers; and college readiness. He said changing demographics indicate fewer high school graduates will be entering college in the coming years, while at the same time hundreds of thousands of new jobs will require college degrees. The jobs, Mr. Frey said, will be in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and not in English, history and social studies. “It’s incumbent upon us to be sensitive to the economy, to the needs of public schools, and to advise students where employment will be,” he said. Pictured from left to right: Melvin Ness, Touro’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Dr. Lamar Miller, Dean of the Graduate School of Education; Mr. Frey; Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Touro’s Senior Vice President for College Affairs; and David Raab, Chief of Staff to the President and CEO of Touro College.