New Course Emphasizes 21st Century Media Skills in MBA Communications Course at Touro University Worldwide

Date: August 03, 2011

Westlake Village,CA: Dr. Greg Zerovnik, Director of Business Programs at Touro University Worldwide, today announced a new course in graduate Professional Communications in the TUW MBA program.

“We are particularly proud of this important new addition to the MBA program,” said Zerovnik. “The way we conduct business and communicate electronically has changed. Our course covers contemporary communications platforms, including Twitter, blogs, emails, professional abstracts, new business proposals and executive summaries,” Zerovnik explained.

“In addition, we will upgrade writing skills through a review of formats, report writing, salutations and complementary closes and titles. The fundamentals of writing are important,” added Dr. Bernie Luskin, CEO and Chief Academic Officer of Touro University Worldwide.

“Touro’s MBA program launched in January of this year and is experiencing significant growth. Students are choosing our online programs in order to receive an education while continuing with their career and life responsibilities. The program is targeted toward the adult learner. Our new course covers 21st century media in a variety of professional contexts, not just the world of business. We also include inter-generational and cross-cultural concepts, and emphasizing effective writing in any medium, for any purpose,” Zerovnik added.

“Many of today’s students will benefit from exposure to elements of professional style. Our advisory committee identified writing skill as an imperative needing improvement among middle managers,” said Luskin. “We have also learned that the investment, commercial, public administration and health care communities would like to see better-prepared written communications, including reports and plans.”

The new Professional Communications course is one of the nine core courses in the Touro University Worldwide MBA program. Five concentrations are available. They are Business Strategy, Finance, Management, Marketing and Communications & Media.

TUW courses are 3 units each, offered in 8-week terms. The next term begins on August 22, 2011.

Additional information is on the TUW website at: