Robert Bielsky, Son of Tuvia Bielski Who Led the Bielski Partisans to Save 1,200 Jews During the Holocaust, is Guest Speaker at Touro College

Date: May 12, 2010
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Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
212-463-0400 x5530

New York, N.Y. – Robert Bielsky, son of Tuvia Bielski, who co-founded the Bielski Partisans, a group of Jewish partisans who rescued 1,200 Jews from extermination and fought against Nazi occupiers and their collaborators during WWII, spoke at Touro College on Tuesday, May 11th.

He discussed the Bielski Partisans with two classes on the history of the Holocaust, which are taught by Dr. Lester Eckman, a distinguished professor at Touro. Dr. Eckman is a holocaust survivor and befriended the Bielski brothers more than 40 years ago. Tuvia Beilski’s grandson, Taylor, son of Robert, is a sophomore at Touro College and a student of Dr. Eckman.