Date: December 03, 2012

New York, N.Y. – Dec. 3, 2012 – Touro College Berlin is offering a summer program in
Holocaust Studies for students enrolled at accredited colleges in the United States. The program,
from June 23 to July 19, 2013, will provide students with a unique opportunity to study the
Holocaust, Jewish culture and history while earning up to six college credits.

Titled “Holocaust Studies in Contemporary Berlin,” the program is both theoretical and practical,
with classes taught in English by professors with a wide range of teaching experience. Courses
will be complemented by guided tours and excursions to historical sites. Extracurricular
activities will include meetings with prominent officials as well as local leaders of Berlin’s
Jewish community.

“Students will gain valuable knowledge of the impact and consequences of the Holocaust from
the midst of its political and social birthplace,” said Dr. Alan Kadish, president and CEO of the
Touro College and University System. “Most of the decisions related to the subjugation and
eventual extermination of six million European Jews, as well as the murder of five million
gentiles, were made in Berlin. Many of the remnants of the Nazi era remain visible and today are
designated as memorial sites in the city and surrounding areas.”

Two three-credit courses are being offered, in English. The first, titled “The Holocaust,” will
examine the rise of the Nazi dictatorship and the destruction of European Jewry from 1939 to
1945. Designed as an introductory course covering basic sources and literature on the period,
among the topics covered will be the agencies of terror, Nazi landmarks, destruction of European
Jews, Nazi policy in occupied Europe, implementation of the “Final Solution,” Volksgerichtshof
(“People’s Court”), resistance, historiography of the Holocaust, as well as literature, poetry,
television and films about the Holocaust. The course will be taught in seminar format and
coordinated by Dr. Noga Hartmann, a lecturer at Touro College Berlin.

The second, “Jewish Life in Europe after the Holocaust: Community and Memory,” will
examine Jewish experiences in pre-war and post-war Europe, exploring social, religious and
cultural issues confronting survivors as they tried to rebuild their personal lives and communal
institutions. The course will be coordinated by Dr. Andreas Nachama, Dean of the Holocaust
Studies at Touro College Berlin. Among the topics covered will be Jewish identity, eyewitness
communication, tolerance, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United
Nations General Assembly in 1948, reconstruction of Jewish life, and Holocaust memorials in

Applications for the summer program must be received by April 5, 2013. For further
information and to apply please see Touro College Berlin Summer Program 2013.
Touro College Berlin is a branch campus of Touro College New York, launched in 2003, that
offers a bachelor’s degree in business and management, a master’s degree in business
administration, and a master’s degree in Holocaust Studies that is designed to promote
cooperation, tolerance and respect.