Touro College Entrepreneurial Institute Helps Launch ‘Keyboard Town Pals’

Date: November 26, 2007
Media Contact:

Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
212-463-0400 x5530

Company Aims to Teach Children Touch Typing on Keyboard in One Hour.

New York, N.Y. - Keyboard Town PALS, a recently launched company with a mission to teach school children how to touch type on a keyboard within one hour with an interactive DVD, has become the latest new firm with big aspirations to sign on with Touro College’s Entrepreneurial Institute.

The company's technology, which is copyrighted and patented, has been tested on hundreds of K-12 students in California, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania in public, private and Yeshiva schools. Its methods are successful with both mainstream pupils as well as those with medical conditions and disabilities.

The Entrepreneurial Institute, which is part of Touro College’s Graduate School of Business, will guide Keyboard Town PALS through its marketing strategies, help build its infrastructure, and offer additional support.

"Keyboard Town PALS is an ideal project for the Entrepreneurial Institute and we will do all we can to ensure its success,” said Institute Director Larry Bellman. “Keyboard provides children with an exciting interactive keyboard teaching method that stimulates them to use a PC, and in doing so, enhances their communication skills and builds pride and self-esteem. The company’s program definitely fills a need and will have a positive impact on education. The right business plan and execution will make all the difference.”

Donna Katz, President of Keyboard Town PALS, said, "We are delighted to be associated with Touro College. Touro recognized the potential impact that this program could have on changing the mind set of how children learn to keyboard. For Touro's vision, we are very grateful."

The Entrepreneurial Institute was launched by the Touro College Graduate School of Business in September 2006. It is located at 65 Broadway in Manhattan. The Institute’s mission is to provide incubator facilities, knowledge resources, and networking assistance to promising startup and early stage companies.

In partnership with Youngstartup Ventures, the Institute is also opening a Center for Israeli Innovation that will help Israeli ventures operate in the United States. Additionally, the Institute is supporting Smartfish Technologies, a company that specializes in ergonomic keyboards and other devices designed to avoid computer injuries. Additional projects are also on the Institute's agenda.