Touro College Graduate School of Education Offers Certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities

Date: August 04, 2011
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Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
212-463-0400 x5530

New York, N.Y. - Touro Graduate School of Education will offer a new Master of Science in Teaching Students with Disabilities in grades 7-12 this fall. The program will explore adolescent development and learning and teaching processes. This degree addresses a growing need for trained special education teachers across New York state.

“At this time of economic downturn and hiring freezes, the program leads to certification in areas of instruction in which there are deep shortages of qualified teachers,” said Dr. Lamar Miller, dean of the Graduate School of Education. “There are many unfilled high school special education teaching positions waiting to be filled by skilled teachers.”

The program prepares teachers to work with disabled students across subject areas and disciplines at the grade 7-12 level. Graduates of the program can teach as co-teachers, consulting teachers, and resource room teachers. With additional course work, graduates can also teach as head teachers.

“Our graduates have done exceptionally well finding positions as teachers even in this economic climate,” said Associate Dean Dr. Ronald Lehrer. “Our programs integrate theory with practice, putting our graduates in a very good position to succeed in their teaching positions.”

The 42 credit grade 7-12 program is made up of general pedagogical core courses and subject- specific teaching courses, including six credit hours of field experience and practicum. Currently there are approximately 4,000 students enrolled in the Graduate School of Education, making it among the largest graduate schools of education in New York state.