Touro College Graduate School of Technology Offers Innovative Master’s Program With Dual Focus in Design and Programming

Date: July 07, 2011
Professor Jesse Epstein, Program Chair, with Web and Multimedia Master’s Students
Professor Jesse Epstein, Program Chair, with Web and Multimedia Master’s Students
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New York, N.Y. - Touro Graduate School of Technology has begun offering a new Master of Arts in web and multimedia design that uniquely emphasizes both back-end web development and front-end design skills The degree program is the first Master of Arts degree offered by the Graduate School of Technology and the third degree program the school has launched since it was established in 2006. The other two program offer master’s degrees in information systems, and in instructional technology.

"There are not many master’s level programs that combine web and multimedia design," said Jesse Epstein, deputy chair of the graduate school. "Good art schools with programs focus more on design and aesthetics and less on programming. At the same time, engineering schools offer strong web development programs that focus on programming, but their design approach is weak. Touro is in a unique position to be able to bridge the two worlds – uniting both aesthetic design issues with the nuts and bolts of web development."

Touro’s program currently emphasizes e-commerce, but will expand to offer concentrations in animation and interface design—the design of the software that allows people to use and interact with computers, cell phones and other mobile communications devices as simply and efficiently as possible. Students who graduate from the program will have the ability to work in a variety of fields including web design and programming, game design, online curricula and testing, animation, online advertising, and programming for mobile devices.

"Our new master’s program is structured to appeal both to current professionals in the field and to people who are interested in making a positive change in their careers by becoming web or multimedia designers," said Issac Herskowitz, dean of the Graduate School of Technology. Courses include advertising in the digital age, corporate design, and programming for e- commerce. The curriculum will remain fluid so it can be modified as technology advances.

"A challenge of teaching in this area is that the field changes so rapidly," noted professor Epstein. "If you develop a curriculum that’s set in stone it will be obsolete within a month. We teach students that they have to change as the field changes."

The new program grew out of Touro College’s undergraduate program in desktop and web publishing, and will provide undergraduate students with an "ideal path on which to continue with their graduate studies at Touro," Professor Epstein added.