Touro College Press Publishes New Scholarly Volume

Date: March 14, 2012

Latest Offering of Breathtaking Scope - Impressive Scholarship with Focus on Rabbinic Literature.

New York, N.Y. - A new volume of scholarly essays in Jewish studies written by distinguished academicians has been published by Touro College Press, in conjunction with Machon Lander, an Israel affiliate of Touro College.

Titled Carmi Sheli: Studies on Aggadah and Its Interpretation Presented to Professor Carmi Horowitz, the volume includes fifteen essays, mostly in Hebrew, that carefully examine rabbinic aggadah (homiletical and non-legal literature), as well as the interpretation of aggadah in the writings of medieval and modern rabbis.

The volume is noteworthy both for its impressive scholarship and its breathtaking scope. Subjects range from the status of women through the lens of rabbinic aggadah, to studies in the methods of interpretation of aggadah in the writings of Maimonides, Nahmanides and R. Moses b. Judah in the 12th-13th centuries, R. Isaac Abarbanel, R. Moses Almosnino, R. Samuel de Uceda, R. Azariah de Rossi, R. Joseph Ashkenazi, and the Maharal in the 15th-16th centuries, and R. Isaac of Karlin in the 19th century. Two essays explore the history of interpretation of a celebrated passage of the Passover Haggadah.

“Readers of Carmi Sheli will discover original interpretations and novel theses from the felicitous pens of master scholars,” said Dr. Michael A. Shmidman, dean and Victor J. Selmanowitz professor of Jewish history at Touro Graduate School of Jewish Studies.

The volume, in honor of the first rector of Machon Lander, Dr. Carmi Horowitz, was co-edited by Dean Shmidman along with professors Arnon Atzmon of Bar-Ilan University; Avraham Grossman of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Nahem Ilan of Machon Lander, and Joseph Tabory, dean of graduate Jewish studies at Machon Lander.

A book launch was held in Jerusalem earlier this year, attended by many noted academicians and educators. At the launch, Professors Shmidman and Ilan, as well as Ze’ev Gries, of Ben-Gurion University, presented lectures related to the subject of medieval interpretations of aggadah, and Professor Horowitz offered a personal response.

Contributors to the volume include all of the co-editors, as well as Rabbi Yitzchak Blau (Midreshet Lindenbaum and the Orayta Yeshiva), and professors Gerald Blidstein and Adiel Kadari of Ben-Gurion University; Marc Bregman of the University of North Carolina; Hannah Davidson, Esti Eisenmann, and Ora Wiskind-Elper of Machon Lander; Hananel Mack of Bar- Ilan University; Avinoam Rosenak of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Carmi Horowitz, now president of Givat Washington Teachers College.

Carmi Sheli: Studies on Aggadah and Its Interpretation Presented to Professor Carmi Horowitz is published by Touro College Press, and distributed by Academic Studies Press. Copies may be ordered online at