Touro College ro Open Branch Campus in Miami Beach in September 2006

Date: March 01, 2006
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Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
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Stephen Rosenberg was raised in Miami and graduated from Touro College in 1979. Hal Matheson grew up in Palm Beach and graduated from Touro in 1999. Tzippi Gil, from Boca Raton, graduated from the school in 2001. An educational option they did not enjoy will soon be available in South Florida.

Touro College is about to open its doors in Miami Beach. Touro College South, as the institution will be known in Florida, has received approvals from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Commission for Independent Education of the Department of Education of the State of Florida to begin offering courses leading to baccalaureate and masters degrees in September 2006.

Most people are not aware of the size and scope of Touro College or of its important place in the world of higher education. Founded only 35 years ago and led since its inception by its trailblazing and visionary Founding President, Dr. Bernard Lander, Touro College has more than 22,000 students at campus locations in New York, California, Nevada, Jerusalem, Berlin and Moscow. Touro College has demonstrated the ability to provide quality secular education and professional training, and advanced Jewish studies, to students in the New York area for decades, and has recently established Touro College Los Angeles to serve the needs of the significant Jewish community on the West Coast.

Touro College South, which is leasing a 45,000 square foot building from historic Temple Emanu-El in Miami Beach, located at 1703 Washington Avenue, will provide educational opportunities that are not currently available in South Florida. Courses leading to baccalaureate degrees in Psychology, Business Management and Administration and Judaic Studies will be offered. As in New York’s Lander College for Men and Lander College for Women, located in Queens and Manhattan respectively, undergraduate students in Miami Beach will combine their secular studies with a strong program in Judaic Studies. The campus includes 14 classrooms, a library, and access to computer terminals, as well as wireless internet connectivity throughout the campus.

Charles Ganz, a well-respected community leader, serves as chairman of the Touro College South Advisory Board. Mr. Ganz is chairman of Stratum Wealth Management, based in Boca Raton, and is past president of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. He emphasizes that the impact of Touro College South on the Jewish community of South Florida will be particularly strong. Students who wish to attend an accredited institution of higher learning under Jewish sponsorship will now be able to do so without traveling to New York or elsewhere.

"Students who attend colleges in New York often find employment and settle in the New York metropolitan area, and their home communities are deprived of their social, intellectual and economic capital. As Touro College South grows and succeeds, the Jewish communities of South Florida will better retain its students, and families, businesses and local institutions and organizations will thrive as a result," says Mr. Ganz. It is also anticipated that students from elsewhere in the United States, and potentially from Latin America, will enroll in Touro College South, further strengthening the local community. The long-term effects of a successful Touro College South on the Jewish communities of South Florida cannot be overstated.

Touro College South will also introduce a Graduate College of Education in September 2006 that will be designed to respond to the acute need for qualified and credentialed teachers in the South Florida area. Masters degrees in Education and Special Education, with specializations in early childhood, childhood, and middle childhood education; in school leadership; and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) will be offered. The College of Education will, with appropriate adaptations, reflect the degree programs of Touro’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology in New York, which currently enrolls more than 4,000 teachers and prospective educators.

A talented and capable team has been assembled to lead the growth of Touro College South. In addition to the leadership of Mr. Ganz, Rabbi Alan G. Ciner has been appointed Vice President of Touro College, leading Touro College South. Rabbi Ciner has had a distinguished career in the pulpit rabbinate, during which time, as noted by Rabbi Nosson Sherman, general editor, Artscroll Mesorah Publications, "Rabbi Ciner played a critical role in transforming the vision of the Schottenstein Talmud into a reality." Rabbi Ciner has been an ongoing lecturer at The Ohio State University as well as an interactive speaker throughout the United States, highlighting the theme, "Judaism’s Response to a World of Modernity." Leslie H. Wexner, Chairman of the Wexner Heritage Foundation, has said, "Drawing upon his intellect, Rabbi Ciner is an extraordinary teacher who combines Biblical and Talmudic texts to assist people in creating a new paradigm for living." Rabbi Ciner recently returned from Israel, where he interviewed young women interested in attending the college in September 2006.

Dr. Henry Abramson, formerly a tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University, has been appointed the Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services. Dr. Abramson is an award-winning researcher who published his first book with Harvard University Press, and he has held visiting and post-doctoral appointments at Harvard, Oxford and Cornell Universities. Marcia Werbin is the Director of Development for Touro College South.

For more information about Touro College South, please contact Rabbi Alan Ciner at (305) 535-1066 or via e-mail at