Touro College South Launches in Miami Beach

Date: September 08, 2006
Media Contact:

Barbara Franklin
Director of Communications
212-463-0400 x5530

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Dr. Bernard Lander, founder and president of Touro College, has announced the opening of Touro College South, a new center of Jewish and general learning that opened its doors for the first time this month.

Located in Miami Beach, Touro College South is launching undergraduate women's and men's divisions and plans to expand offerings to encompass graduate work in psychology and education.

Leading Touro College South is Vice President Rabbi Alan G. Ciner. Dr. Henry Abramson is serving as dean of academic affairs and student services.

"The Jewish population of South Florida is experiencing much growth," noted Dr. Lander. "As such, Touro looks forward to meeting the many educational needs of this growing community."

Touro College South is offering courses leading to baccalaureate degrees in psychology, business management and administration, and Judaic studies. The faculty members are highly qualified academics who have published extensively and won numerous awards for their teaching and research. Newly appointed chairs include Dr. Avidan Milevsky (Psychology), Dr. Ron Morritt (Business), and Dr. Abramson (Judaic Studies).

"Previously, students seeking a quality secular education along with advanced Jewish studies from such cities as Miami, Palm Beach and Boca Raton traveled to New York to study at one of Touro's New York schools," Rabbi Ciner explained. "With our new campus, students who prefer to stay closer to home now have that option."

Ciner added that the College expects to attract Jewish students from Latin America, Miami's growing population of French Jews as well as those from throughout the United States. For the fall semester almost 70 students are enrolled. The incoming class includes students from Chile, Argentina and Baltimore, with students hailing from a variety of Jewish backgrounds.

Additionally, Touro College South, through a newly-established Center of Jewish Learning, will be reaching out to the community at large so that the academic excellence of Touro can be felt there as well, Rabbi Ciner said. For example, Rabbi Ciner will be serving as a Scholar-in-Residence at the Young Israel of Miami Beach on Shabbos in September, with Dean Abramson serving as a lecturer on Saturday evening.

Touro College South is leasing a 45,000 square foot building from historic Temple Emanu-El in Miami Beach, located at 1703 Washington Avenue. The campus includes 14 classrooms, a library, access to computer terminals and wireless internet connectivity throughout the campus.

Rabbi Ciner has had a distinguished career in the pulpit rabbinate. He has been an ongoing guest lecturer in philosophy and religion at The Ohio State University as well as a speaker throughout the U.S., highlighting the theme, "Judaism's Response to a World of Modernity." Rabbi Ciner has served on many boards and commissions including an Ethics Commission established by Mayor Dana Rinehardt of Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Abramson is an award-winning researcher who published his first book on Eastern European Jewish History with Harvard University Press and has a volume forthcoming on Talmud from Feldheim Publishers. He has held appointments at Harvard, Cornell, Oxford Universities and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and left a tenured position at Florida Atlantic University to join Rabbi Ciner in building Touro College South.