Touro University Nevada announces additional $90,000 grant to help families in crisis

Date: May 31, 2011
Media Contact:

Mandi McCary

LAS VEGAS – Touro University Nevada (TUN) announced a $90,000 grant today, from a private donor, to ensure the Stallman Touro Clinic at The Shade Tree Shelter will remain open and operating for several years.

The Stallman Touro Clinic, in partnership with The Shade Tree Shelter, is making a positive impact as a provider of health care to those in need in the Southern Nevada community. Many of the patients are residents of The Shade Tree, a shelter for local homeless women and domestic violence. The clinic, the first of its kind to be located inside a shelter, is a model of preventive care for underserved communities across the country.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 The Physician Assistant Foundation awarded the clinic with the annual $10,000 Caring for Communities Grant for their service to women and children who are homeless or surviving domestic abuse situations.

“I am happy to announce that the donor has granted TUN a $90,000 gift to operate the clinic for the next three years,” said Senior Provost and CEO Michael Harter, Ph.D. “This gift would not have been possible without the Caring for Communities grant and the national recognition it brought to our program. This is simply a case of generosity begetting more generosity and we at TUN are grateful for the continued commitment we are able to announce today because of the Physician Assistant Foundation’s generous grant.”

The Stallman Touro Clinic provides adult health care, preventive health measures, sick call services and women and pediatric services to patients. The clinic is staffed by faculty and students from Touro University Nevada’s Physician Assistant Program in addition to volunteers from the local community.

“Physician Assistant students and educators from TUN have provided health care services in this free on-site clinic since 2009,” said PA program director Vicki Chan-Padgett. “This is a wonderful partnership not only for the education of TUN PA students, but for the women and children at Shade Tree.”