A Matter of Ethics

Touro College Los Angeles student learned how to succeed, and how to act

August 24, 2015
Shuli Lowy
Shuli Lowy

In 2010, the administration took note that students were troubled by so-called professionals in the area who were committing unethical business practices. In response, Dean Esther Lowy, collaborated with members of the community to incorporate a Business Ethics Certificate into the curriculum. Interested students are required to take classes in business ethics. One of the classes, taught by a judge, delves into such topics as child labor abroad and affirmative action. 

“It made me think about what other people are going through and become more attentive to the full effects of our professional lifestyle,” says Lowy, the 2010 class Valedictorian, who is now the marketing director of Ping Mobile, a marketing firm. “Too often we consume products or follow workplace instruction without thinking about what it took to create those products or what the repercussions of those instructions may look like down the road.”

Lowy is grateful to TCLA for providing the fuel which inspires a lot of her work today. She’s an active member of Entwine, a subset of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), a humanitarian organization that operates in over 70 countries. She recently traveled to Ethiopia to provide humanitarian aid, and co-chaired a trip to assist the Jewish community in Turkey. Lowy is also a leader in promoting women in the tech industry and was awarded a spot in the prestigious Women in Mobile to Watch list. “My career is important,” said Lowy, “But it’s also important to be involved in meaningful pursuits and contribute to making the world a better place.”