Graduate School of Technology Hosts Executive Forum

IT Industry Professionals Share Career Advice With Students

December 16, 2014

The November 25th panel included Abe Cytryn (@abe19), chief technology officer and manager of @mobilemagzter; Shay David, co-founder and chief revenue officer @Kaltura; Hal Friedlander, chief information officer for the New York City Department of Education; Evelyn Fuhrer, managing director @PromontoryFinancial Group; and Phil Teplitzky, Chief Technology Officer of HPSquared, LLC. After the 90-minute discussion, students networked directly with the panelists for over an hour. 

And now for some takeaway tweets, with some advice for your job search…

  • On the right attitude to have once you’re hired:
     Hal Friedlander tweet:
  • On being prepared before entering the workforce: 
    Phil Teplitzky tweet:
  • On interviewing for a potential job:
    Shay David tweet:
  • On meeting your job requirements:
    ‌‌Evelyn Fuhrer tweet:
  • On being a programmer and working in tech:
    Abe Cytryn tweet: