'Like a Big Family'

From a small town in Germany, Aydan Mammadova was at home at Touro College Berlin

August 24, 2015
Aydan Mammadova
Aydan Mammadova

That matters to many people, but particularly to Mammadova, who came all the way from Baku, Azerbaijan to study. She entered Touro in 2010 and majored in Finance. “I didn’t just like math,” she explains. “It was my passion.” 

Touro delivered. “The lectures were always interesting and interactive,” she says. “Professors regularly responded to emails and were always helpful and knowledgeable.”

Now, so is she. Graduating with honors and a double major in German and American Finance in 2014, Mammadova returned last fall to Baku, where she works as an accountant at the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. Among her responsibilities are developing, maintaining and analyzing budgets. “Oil and gas industry is very big and one of the most important industries,” she says. “I enjoy my job entirely."