Safe Haven

A Holiday Message from Dr. Alan Kadish, President and CEO of the Touro College and University System

April 02, 2015

Together, the faculty, administration, and staff along with our students and alumni, are realizing our mission to provide affordable access to life-changing educational opportunities to all. In an increasingly turbulent world where the threat of violent extremism is felt in the Middle East and around the world and the need for social change at home is constantly apparent, Touro represents a safe haven that promotes inclusiveness and security. On Passover, as freedom from slavery and oppression is celebrated, we at Touro can be proud of our commitment to providing a nurturing educational environment that respects and supports students of all backgrounds and beliefs.

With large projects under way, such as the New York City headquarters move and Project Enterprise, our success depends more than ever on mutual collaboration and support. As we all gather with family members to observe the holidays this season, let’s celebrate our own large and inclusive Touro community. Just as Passover seder participants will retell the story of the exodus, I ask everyone to share Touro’s accomplishments and successes with family and friends. Let’s spread the word and expand our community.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, senior leadership and administration, I wish each of you and your families good health, continued success and a happy and festive holiday.