Success in Practice

Machon L'Parnasa Dean Braun was a beneficiary of former-student Hersko's hard work

August 24, 2015
Ethan Hersko
Ethan Hersko

“She said, Ethan, Ethan, is that you?” recalled Hersko, 24. “She got choked-up. I was moved. She’s such a good person who works so hard for her students and shares her wealth of knowledge. I think seeing me in scrubs and a white jacket doing rounds was such a proud moment for her. I was one of the fruits of her labor.”

Hersko, a Brooklyn native who studied at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, found Machon L’Parnasa–Institute for Professional Studies perfect for his no-nonsense pragmatism. “I’ve never understood students who know what they want and still take their time,” he says. “I wanted to get in there, work hard, get what I need and get out in the world. That’s what I did.”

He went on to Touro’s Graduate School of Health Sciences and now works full time in an urgent care clinic in Baltimore, where he and a colleague see some 100 patients daily.  Hersko did very well in school, but he says he wasn’t the best: “I met my wife, Adina, in school. She was way smarter than me.”