The Touro College and University System Mourns the Passing of Dr. Nathan Lander, A”H, Scholar and Educator

Former Vice President and Member of the Faculty

January 20, 2015
Dr. Nathan Lander, A
Dr. Nathan Lander, A"H

Dr. Lander was a man of faith and hope who advocated tirelessly on behalf of the Jewish people. He inspired others to greater heights of communal involvement and national pride, dedicating his life to preserving continuity of the Jewish people and the pursuit of truth. A scholar and educator who cared about each individual, Dr. Lander was closely associated with great rabbinic leaders. He is survived by his nephew, Rabbi Doniel Lander, and his nieces, Hannah Lander, Esther Greenfield, Debra Waxman, Eve Kofman and Esther Kook. May his legacy of love for Israel, and love for humanity be a source of comfort to his family and the many lives he touched.