Gun Control in TC South

Touro College South students join the great debate on gun control, officially.

March 08, 2013

Several students took the initiative to channel this energy into a traditional debate.  Mr. Yaakov Freedman, Mr. Joshua Neuman, Mr. Simcha Adelman and Mr. Daneal Lugerner presented their views and research in a formal setting, fully robed and in accordance with modifed World University Debating Championship rules.  Convened by Rabbi Alan G. Ciner, Vice President of Touro College and University System and CEO of Touro College South, and moderated by Dean Henry Abramson, the debate provided an excellent opportunity for students to engage in serious, academic discussion of a crucial issue in contemporary American society. 

Though the real debate still continues, following Debating Championship rules, the second amendment right to bear arms won the day.