TouroOne Builder Day

June 30 marked as an appreciation day to thank all those who helped make the project a success.

June 26, 2016
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TouroOne is the outgrowth of Project Enterprise, a successful effort to unite Touro College and University Systems' (TCUS) numerous campuses administratively, so they are operating – as the name suggests – as an integrated unit and in a consistent manner. TouroOne encompasses finance, student services, financial aid, human resources and related systems throughout the TCUS.

"Touro has committed considerable financial and human resources toward this monumental project and I want to express my deep appreciation for the tremendous efforts of the many who went far beyond the call of duty to bring it to fruition," said Alan Kadish, M.D., President of TCUS . "The collaboration across so many schools and departments is what led to this extraordinary success, and our ability to implement this major and much-needed change."

Employees who contributed to the TouroOne initiative will receive a gift card for lunch, a certificate and a TouroOne "Builder" pin, as well as an extra vacation day* on July 1, for all Touro campuses except Touro University Nevada (TUN). In addition, we're pleased to announce that these Touro campuses will close at noon on Friday, July 1 for all employees, in recognition of the hard work and institution-wide cooperation that was put forth for this project. Since student orientation at TUN is scheduled for July 1, TouroOne Builders and other staff on that campus will receive comparable time added to their personal leave bank.

"We are encouraging those staff members who have been designated ‘TouroOne Builders' to wear their pins on all campuses on June 30," said Dr. Mark Hasten, Chairman of the Board of TCUS, "and urging all employees to reach out and thank their colleagues for making this program a reality. They have all worked to build an even stronger Touro College and University System, and we are all grateful for their efforts."

* This time off is provided to employees with the approval of their Dean or Director, as long as they do not have any student or onsite responsibilities.