Want An Exciting And Meaningful Career? Become An Accountant.

By Chayim Herskowitz, M.S., CPA

January 26, 2017

Do people assume you are choosing security and predictability over a scintillating career? This article should convince them otherwise. A host of recent fiction is busting those myths, from Ben Affleck’s film, The Accountant, to Ian Hamilton’s Ava Lee series of mystery novels about an accountant. Here are five reasons why accounting is far more rewarding than people realize

Accounting careers open doors to every industry

Many of my former accounting students have clients in the entertainment industry. Others target sports teams. You may not be able to play for the Yankees, but you can get into the clubhouse by auditing their books.

Accountants often work with senior level executives

As an auditor, you interact with high-level executives who are your clients. Very few people have such direct access as auditors to the top levels within a company.

This is a way to make a real difference

It’s a dirty little secret, but accountants like to help people. Each client represents a list of investors who depend on the auditors to do a competent job, to ensure their financial well-being. It can be gratifying to know how much you are helping people.

Forensic accountants are the private investigators of financial services

Much of accounting is investigative work. In The Accountant, actor Ben Affleck is hired as a consultant to perform forensic accounting services. He works all night to find the clues in patterns within this particular debit/ credit accounting system.

See the world by auditing its books

Accountants who understand the different accounting standards of multiple countries can manage finances for international firms, with significant travel opportunities. It is imperative that anyone interested in entering the area of International Accounting must be up-to-date on the latest standards.  


 Chayim Herskowitz is Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting at Touro’s Lander College for Men