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Students and faculty came out in force for the Lander College for Men annual Chanukah Mesibah. After Maariv and candle lighting, we came back to the Beis to hear a Chanukah shiur by Rabbi Doniel Lander on the nature of the pirsumei nisah of Chanukah in contrast to the pirsumei nisah of Purim, and then headed upstairs for the party. While listening to the unmistakable sounds of the Lander Band, we danced for upward of an hour—sometimes circle, sometimes break, sometimes interpretive—only slowing down when the arrival of the food from Carlos and Gabby’s coincided with physical exhaustion. Students danced with Rebbeim, Rebbeim danced with students and just about everyone danced with a smiling Rav Parnes, creating the type of pure, organic ruach that cannot be manufactured or replicated.