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Having grown up on Long Island and studied Spanish and education at Stonybrook University, current Kings Park resident Melissa Battista was looking for ways to further her expertise. While pursuing her Master\'s, she came across Touro’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL) program and thought, “Well, I like languages, and I’d be teaching a language even though it’s English. Since they were related, I decided to go for that, which I’m very glad I did.”
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Growing up in Staten Island, Trish Franzen was constantly surrounded by communities of disparate ethnic and racial backgrounds. Having been sensitive to that environment all her life, it’s not a huge surprise that she’d eventually teach English as a second language. But it wasn’t until earning her undergrad accreditation in Early Childhood Education from the College of Staten Island [CSI] that Franzen made the essential decision to then enroll for her Masters in the TESOL program (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Touro’s Graduate School of Education. “When I was in my student teaching [while at CSI], I found myself drawn toward the ESL students and their struggles and what they were all about,” she explains. “I really enjoyed working with them. It made me want to focus on the growing population of ESL students in the DOE and their very specific needs.”