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Adjunct history and sociology professor Ira Weinstock has long been interested in a more hands-on learning experience. In elementary school, his teacher told him that everyone in New York had his own tree. It was a bold claim, so young Weinstock wrote the park service demanding to know which one was his. He was surprised when the well-meaning park service sent a whimsical letter stating that his tree was the third from the giraffe enclosure at the Bronx Zoo. Yet, unfazed, he gathered paper, a marker, a hammer and nails and asked his mother to take him to the zoo where he proceeded to nail his name to the tree. 
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Touro staff gathered together on December 13 to recognize the accomplishments of the diverse members of Touro’s undergraduate faculty. Eleven members from Touro College’s undergrad schools across New York were given awards for teaching excellence or for their service to Touro and its student body. Touro College President Dr. Alan Kadish, along with senior members of Touro’s leadership, delivered the awards along with remarks about each awardee.