Touro Law Center Hosts Support Clinic for Superstorm Sandy Victims

Date: October 09, 2013
Media Contact:

Patti Desrochers
Director of Communications
(631) 761-7062

New York, N.Y. - Touro Law Center, home of the Superstorm Sandy Disaster Relief Clinic, announces a support clinic for all Superstorm Sandy victims to answer questions about recovery and to help complete important reimbursement and insurance documents.

The clinic will be Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at the Lindell School located at 601 Lindell Boulevard in Long Beach. It starts at 6:30 pm and is open to the public.

The clinic will focus on flood insurance applications, non-flood related aid applications as well as other vital information and tips from members of the Touro Law Center Disaster Relief Clinic.

“On the heels of the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, it is more important than ever to ensure that residents get the needed help so they can continue to rebuild their lives,” said Patricia Salkin, Dean of Touro Law Center. “This support clinic is meant to give residents that support and I encourage people to attend if they need help.”

Touro Law Center stands as a leader in disaster relief efforts. The school’s multi-faceted and long-term response to Superstorm Sandy has helped those in need while offering practical training for students.

Following the storm, Touro launched the Touro Law Center Hurricane Emergency Assistance and Referral Team (TLC-HEART) hotline, which provides pro-bono legal assistance to victims on Long Island, added a Disaster Law course to its curriculum, and opened a Disaster Relief Law Clinic where students volunteer their services under close faculty supervision with clients. The clinic and hotline have received over 1400 calls, hosted volunteers from across the country, and created a series of programs designed to help affected communities.

In September, Touro Law Center released an Insurance Checklist for all homeowners that is currently available at under "Insurance Checklist."  

The latest statistics show the critical need for Wednesday’s Clinic in Long Beach:

-          Ninety percent or more of all homeowners who are challenging their flood insurance claims are still actively trying to recover from their extensive flood losses.  

-          Many insurers have significantly undervalued the full extent of homeowners’ losses, leaving them unable to recover nearly one year after the storm. 

-          Many households have received half or less of what it would cost to repair, replace, or rebuild their homes.  

-          Thousands of homeowners are still tirelessly working to document the actual extent of their considerable flood losses, or they are awaiting decisions on “supplements” that they have already provided to insurers and insurance adjusters.  

The Touro Law Center Disaster Relief Clinic hotline is still active for any questions at (631) 761-7198.