Touro University Worldwide Announces Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA)

Date: February 19, 2013
Media Contact:

Kate Connors

First Undergraduate Offering for TUW’s adult learner and textbook free online education model.

Los Angeles, CA - Touro University Worldwide (TUW) is pleased to announce the establishment of its newest program, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA). Touro University Worldwide takes pride in giving students the ability to pursue a degree in higher education while maintaining a career. Now undergraduate students will also have this opportunity. TUW educators have been adult learner innovators and educators throughout the years and continue to innovate for students interested in business management careers.

“Touro University Worldwide’s mission is to offer campus based undergraduate education programs through its Touro College Los Angeles Division, as well as professional online degree programs to serve the needs of adult learners (service to society), professionals (intellectual pursuit), and the underserved (social justice),” says Dr. Edith Neumann, Provost of TUW. “The administration decided that undergraduate programs that are campus based would be very important to offer on-line as well. The university was approached by many of its alumni and prospective students to offer the undergraduate business degree online. Together, the campus based and online programs contribute to the achievement of the overall Touro mission.”

The goal of the BSBA program is for students to apply the lessons learned in the classroom to their current job, while preparing to advance their careers to the next level. Students will have the opportunity to learn firsthand from faculty and industry experts, which distinguishes TUW from other universities. Students will also have the flexibility to complete their degree on their schedule, helping them to balance other commitments. The goal of the BSBA program is to expand student views, increase their skills, and advance their careers.

“The TUW online BSBA program is based on the philosophy of the scholar –practitioner model, which involves a great deal of faculty engagement and real-world experience,” says Dr. Yoram Neumann, Chief Executive Officer of TUW. “The curriculum built in a developmental program that will be very helpful to achieve the skills and competencies that employers are looking for. Additionally, the students will use current and constantly updated peer-reviewed scholarly papers as reading materials for their classes. They will not use textbooks, as they are usually outdated by the time they are published and are costly to students.”

This program is open to any student looking to better prepare for the realities of business world after they complete their degree and even continue with TUW’s graduate degrees in business. Through careful selection of elective classes, students in the BSBA program can leverage their knowledge of additional academic and practical programs in areas such as customer service management, marketing, project management, operations and supply chain management, and managing small businesses.

At the beginning of the program, students will be required to complete an online orientation. This will allow students to meet faculty and other students before classes begin, and help them to decide which courses will be most beneficial to them. This is an important part of on-campus education for first year students, and TUW is ensuring that online students receive all the same benefits as their peers.

Interested students should visit or call 888-586-5193 to learn how they can apply today.