Touro University Worldwide Announces Financial Assistance for Military Students in Light of Army and Marine Corps Suspending Tuition Assistance Programs

Date: March 08, 2013
Media Contact:

Heather Hoglund

Contact for Prospective Students:
Elizabeth Latshaw

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers rely on this program and are severely impacted by sequestration cuts.

Los Angeles, CA – Earlier today, the Army and the Marine Corps announced they were suspending their Tuition Assistance programs because of budget cuts. The shutdown of these programs will begin at 5:00 p.m. EST today. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are currently using these assistance programs and will be severely impacted by this cutback. In response to this announcement and the budget crisis, Touro University Worldwide (TUW) announced today that they would offer several financial assistance options, not only to members of the Army and the Marine Corps but to all military members and their spouses and immediate family members.

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) begins its Spring 2 Session Monday, March 11th, and it is offering all students who are members of the US military one free course so long as they submit their paper work by Friday, March 15th. Additionally, TUW is offering reduced costs for military members for certain programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management (BSBA), the Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP), the Masters in Media and Communications Psychology (MCP), and the Masters in Business Administration (MBA). The BSBA tuition is reduced to $200.00 per credit and the tuition for MA programs is reduced to $250.00 per credit for all military students. TUW has designed all of its programs with enough flexibility to make them accessible and beneficial for military students, and the TUW administration is prepared to assist these students in any way they can after the tuition cuts.

“All of the Touro colleges pride themselves on creating learning environments that educate adult students to focus on service to society, intellectual pursuit, and serving social justice,” says Dr. Yoram Neumann, Chief Executive Officer of TUW. “Our military students are making sacrifices for our country, and these individuals embody all of the qualities our university looks for in students. Touro colleges have served the military for many years and it is our duty as a university to help these students financially during this tuition transition.”

This is not the first initiative TUW has created to assist students with the financial costs of higher education. Recently, TUW announced that students will no longer use textbooks, as TUW’s administration found them to be usually outdated by the time they are published and costly to students. Instead, students will use current and constantly updated peer-reviewed scholarly papers as reading materials for their classes.

University representatives will be available all day to answer student’s questions and offer assistance so that they can complete their paperwork ahead of the March 15th deadline for the free class. The reduced tuition will be available for subsequent terms. For assistance, students should call 888-586-5193.