Task Force 1

Standard 1 (Mission & Goals)
Standard 2 (Planning Resource Allocation and Institutional Renewal)

  1. What mechanisms exist for the periodic review and revision of the Mission and Goals statement? How has the College's statement of Mission, Goals, and Objectives evolved over the past 5 years?   What was the nature of the changes introduced, and when and why did the changes occur (identify internal and external influences)?

  2. How effectively does the Mission and Goals statement guide college planning, programmatic initiatives, and curriculum development? To what extent do the institutional Mission and Goals serve as a frame of reference for decisions made regarding student recruitment and admissions, the curriculum, the faculty, and allocation of resources?

  3. How effectively does the institution publicize/communicate its mission and goals to faculty, staff, and students?  How well is the College mission perceived and understood by the various college constituencies?  What additional steps might be taken to better communicate the mission of the College?

  4. What are and how effective are the processes for institutional strategic planning?  How and why have the processes changed over the past 5 years?  What is the linkage between the College‚Äôs strategic plan and its budgeting and resource allocation process?  How can the planning process be improved?

  5. What are and how effective are the processes for school/unit level planning?  What are the strengths and weakness of the College's planning processes?  What measures and processes need to be implemented to enhance planning at the school/unit level? 

  6. How has the implementation of the College's Strategic Plan 2008-2013 been assessed?  How clearly are the objectives articulated and benchmarks specified?  Evaluate the progress of the College's proposed doctoral programs and its effort to achieve university status.  What has been the impact of potential university status on College governance and structure?  Assess the growth of graduate and professional programs.  

  7. In what ways do the planning processes provide evidence of a commitment to institutional renewal?   What are the opportunities and challenges Touro faces for institutional renewal?