Task Force 3

Standard 4 (Leadership and Governance)
Standard 5 (Administration)

  1. What have been the major developments in institutional leadership in the past five years?  How has the institution’s governance and organizational structure evolved and changed since 2009?

  2. How effectively does this governance structure support the needs of a complex institution? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current governance structure?

  3. How well-defined are the goals, organizational (committee) structure, fiduciary and oversight responsibilities, and conflict of interest policies of the Board of Trustees and Board of Governors?

  4. How effectively is the Board discharging its responsibilities for resource development?  To what extent has the Board strengthened its outreach and development capabilities?

  5. What processes does the Board use to periodically assess its effectiveness?

  6. Evaluate the relationship between administration and faculty leadership.

  7. How effectively does the administrative structure support and enhance the academic mission and goals of the College?

  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of administrative and faculty committees in terms of their composition, functions, and objectives. How effective are the mechanisms for disseminating and implementing committee decisions?

  9. How effective is senior leadership in decision making and establishing and implementing institutional policy?

  10.  What processes are used to periodically evaluate administrative organization and performance?