Task Force 5

Standard 8 (Student Admissions and Retention)
Standard 9 (Student Support Services)

  1. Are admissions and financial aid information readily available in an accessible format to assist prospective students in making informed decisions about applications and enrollment?

  2. How have changes in admissions policies affected retention and completion rates? How do retention and completion rates impact admissions and student services?

  3. What services assist students in achieving their degree goals? How effective are advisement and career services in helping students achieve these goals?

  4. How effective are the remediation programs and services provided to undergraduate students by learning resource centers and tutors?

  5. How does the Technology Department support the needs of student service departments?  Describe the institution’s progress towards the implementation of online services, including registration.  How is technology used to disseminate information to prospective and current students and alumni?

  6. How do student services—financial aid, registrar, career services, advisement—reflect Touro's mission, goals and objectives? How appropriate and effective are student services in light of multiple locations and diverse student needs?

  7. What is the student services organizational structure and supervisory process?  Evaluate the resources for serving students.
  8. How well do Touro’s financial aid policies support its mission and enrollment goals?

  9. How effectively does the College support students with special needs?

  10. How frequently are student support services assessed?  What improvements have been implemented in student support services in the past 5 years?

  11. What co-curricular activities are offered to enhance student life?

  12. How satisfied are students with Touro's academic support and student services?