Task Force 6

Standard 10 (Faculty)

  1. What is the distribution of faculty by full-time, part-time, rank, ethnicity, gender, and length of service?  How have the demographics changed over the past 5 years?  How has the utilization of part-time faculty changed over the past 5 years?
  2. How does the institution ensure that sufficient faculty—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—are available to deliver the curriculum?

  3. Assess the institution's policies and practices for the appointment of full-time and part-time faculty. How does the institution’s hiring plan address the challenge of faculty renewal?

  4. How effective is the system of orientation and support for full-time and part-time faculty?

  5. In what ways does the college evaluate faculty performance with regard to teaching effectiveness, scholarship, and service?

  6. What mechanisms does the college use to promote professional development?
  7. How has integration of technology into the curriculum changed over the past five years?   How effective has the institution been in providing resources, guidance, and support?

  8. How are faculty involved in academic program development, assessment, and improvement?

  9. How are policies regarding reappointment, promotion, and termination communicated, disseminated, and implemented?  Do these policies include appropriate standards for due process and safeguards to protect academic freedom?

  10. How are department chairs, undergraduate and graduate, selected and how are their responsibilities defined and their performance evaluated?