Timetable of the Self-Study

September 2012 - President Kadish appoints Self-Study Chair.

November 2012 - Chair attends Self-Study Institute (November 8-9, Wilmington, DE).

December 2012 - Steering Committee is organized.

January 3, 2013 - First Meeting of Steering Committee.

January – February, 2013 - Steering Committee reviews accreditation standards and organizes task forces.

Late February – May 2013 - Steering Committee formulates task force charges and develops Self-Study Design.

May 2013 - Draft of Design document is completed.

May 22, 2013 - MSCHE Vice President Dr. Tito Guerrero visits Touro.

June 2013 - Final draft of Self-Study Design is submitted for approval to Dr. Tito Guerrero.

Mid-June 2013 - Dr. Tito Guerrero approves Touro College Self-Study Design.

November 2013 - Brief Progress Reports submitted by Task Forces.

February 2014 - First draft chapters completed by Task Forces are submitted to the Steering Committee.

March 2014 - Steering Committee reviews and returns draft chapters to Task Forces.

March 2014 - Chair for Touro College Visiting Team is selected.

June 2014 - Second draft chapters completed by Task Forces are submitted to the Steering Committee.

July - October 2014 - Steering Committee edits first draft of Self-Study.

October – November 2014 - Two Touro Town Hall open hearings on Self-Study Draft are held for faculty, staff, and students.

November 2014 - Steering Committee chair and co-chairs and members meet with and discuss Self-Study with the following: Trustees, Senior Management Group, Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, Staff Representatives, and Student Representatives

December 2014 - Final draft of Self-Study is prepared and approved by January 2015 the Steering Committee.

December 2014 - Preliminary visit by Middle States Team Chair is conducted to Touro College.

February 2015 - Accommodations and support resources for Middle States Team are finalized.

February 2015 - Self-Study is sent to Team members and to MSCHE; Schedule for Team visit is developed.

April 2015 - Middle States Evaluation Team visits Touro College. (Earlier visit to selected branches)

May 2015 - College receives draft Team Report.

May 2015 - Institutional Response to Draft Team Report submitted within two weeks of receipt of Draft Report (Correction of factual errors only).

June 2015 or MSCHE Commission on Higher Education meets.

November 2015 and issues Action Letter for Touro College.