Our Mission

Our mission is to continue the development of research programs. The primary focus of our research will be directed to the solution of problems and the development of knowledge and technology important to the state and nation and to the quality of life. Touro College and University's research programs will make important contributions to instructional programs through the involvement of graduate and undergraduate students.

Research will also provide the knowledge base for outreach programs. In carrying out its research mission, the University will emphasize established areas of strength and will focus available resources in those areas of research and doctoral study that are, or have the potential to develop into, nationally and internationally recognized centers of excellence.

The faculty of the Touro College and University System conduct research and scholarly activities across a wide range of disciplines reflecting the significant diversity of an academic community offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in four states and internationally.  Our System has particular strength as the nation’s second largest grantor of degrees in the biomedical and health sciences from similar schools and programs located across our campuses in New York, California, and Nevada.

Current leading collaborations include NIH-funded research between Touro University California and the University California Davis and the University of California San Francisco on sugar and metabolism.