Touro Benefits

Our goal is for you to succeed. 

We work with you to make sure your academic career is successful, so you can go on to successful professional careers. To make that happen, we've developed programs, specifically for military students, to help you reach your goals.

"On-Track" Program for College Prep

The post 9/11 GI Bill® offers you the opportunity to address academic shortfalls before actually beginning your regular “matriculating” academic program and Touro College is prepared to help you make great use of this time. We will work hard to set you up for success in the key requirements necessary for college by offering you undergraduate courses in math, writing, science, and other skills. As you move forward you will know that you have the tools necessary to keep going with confidence.

"Pipe-Line" Program for Graduate & Professional Degrees

The Touro College “Pipe-line” Program for high achieving VA students desiring the opportunity to continue their education towards a graduate degree or a professional degree in health service or the law. What makes this program unique is that it affords the established Touro undergraduate VA student unparalleled access into the higher level programs through increased visibility to staff and one-on-one mentorship with key faculty. While Touro College doesn’t guarantee admission or offer preferential treatment in getting into classes, this program will allow you to know exactly what needs to be done to meet the requirements of our graduate and professional programs.

The “Pipeline Program” does not guarantee admission into any of the Graduate/Professional programs that Touro offers. The student is still responsible for meeting all of the program requirements and entry into the “Pipeline Program” only provides students with the opportunity to receive assistance and additional guidance in determining where the student stands and what additional requirements must be met to gain entry into any of these programs.

"Stripes and Bars" Program for Leaders

The Touro College “Stripes and Bars” Program is for military leaders who are pursuing required levels of civilian education necessary for military advancement. Touro College recognizes that progress in the military goes hand-in-hand with your civilian education level. We also recognize that your military mission and life demands make your civilian education difficult to complete. As long as your courses at Touro College will result in a degree Touro will make exceptional efforts to work with you to get your education done. Failure is not an option we will accept!

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).