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Adina Kagan

“I sought a profession that combined my interest in science with a desire to help others. I felt that pharmacy was a great balance between these two factors. I find it to be the most appealing of the healthcare professions because I think the way drugs produce therapeutic effects on the human body is fascinating,” explains Touro College of Pharmacy (TCOP) student Adina Kagan of her future career.

Kagan also appreciates the many possibilities in the pharmacy field. From a community/retail pharmacy to a hospital setting to research and development, there are so many different career paths. “There are about 70 students in my class and each one would like to do something different!” she says. “In all my classes, I am still finding out about the many areas I can pursue. I am currently interested in in-patient hospital pharmacy or infectious disease pharmacy, but it may change.”

One of the many reasons Kagan chose Touro College of Pharmacy is the extra rotations offered by the program. This allows students to understand different settings and prepares them for the real world. “The extra rotations provide more hands-on experience to apply what I learned in the classroom,” Kagan explains. “I will also have more experience upon graduation and am exposed to different areas of the profession.”

Kagan, who began her journey as an undergrad at Touro’s Lander College for Women (LCW), values the welcoming community she found at Touro. “I chose to go to LCW because I knew that they had a great science department while being in a Jewish environment. I had a great experience there and decided I would continue my education at Touro Pharmacy,” she says. “I heard many great things about the pharmacy program, from the small class sizes to the dedicated faculty. My favorite thing about TCOP is the warmth of the school. If I ever have a question about a certain area of pharmacy I can ask any faculty member who has that experience and they would be happy to talk about it.”

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