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Aharon Pechman

Aharon Pechman grew up loving science. With a keen interest in the workings of the human body, he could often be found reading science articles just for fun. Add in a strong desire to help people, and a career in medicine seemed the perfect fit. “There is no better feeling than seeing the smile from someone you’ve helped. With medicine, you get to study science and the human body while also helping people. What could be better?” Pechman says.

The first step on his way to becoming a doctor was attending Touro’s Lander College for Men as an undergrad. “Lander has an excellent pre-med program and an intense Judaic studies program. This allowed me to pursue both a rigorous curriculum along with intensive Talmudic studies,” Aharon explains. When it came time to think about medical school, staying within the Touro system made the most sense. “Following the Jewish calendar was a big factor. Plus, the environment on campus is very warm and friendly. There is no competitiveness among my peers.”

Thinking about his future as a doctor, Pechman is leaning towards emergency medicine since it combines so many different medical specialties in a fast-paced environment. More than anything, he appreciates the ever-evolving nature of the medical field. “I can’t think of another profession that requires lifelong learning. Since I love learning, I find this to be a great aspect of medicine,” he says.

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