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Betzalel Krasnow

For Betzalel Krasnow, the decision of where to apply for undergrad revolved primarily around the ability to pursue yeshiva along with his studies—and Touro fit the bill. “When I applied to college, I was in yeshiva full-time. I knew I wanted to attend Touro, as the evening program in the Brooklyn campus allowed me to remain in yeshiva for a good part of the day and still attend classes in the evenings. The relatively small student body permitted me to develop close relationships with my professors.”

While he was accepted toa number of dental schools, it was not a hard for Betzalel to make the decision to remain a Touro student. “Touro has amassed a stellar faculty and has built a first-class institution. The School is brand new and the technology available to students is cutting-edge. As developing technologies have transformed the practice of dentistry, TCDM students have a distinct edge over students at other dental schools.”

In the future, Betzalel is looking forward to a career that brings all his interests together and offers him the opportunity to help. “I have always enjoyed working with my hands and particularly relish taking things apart, putting them back together again and figuring out how they work. I have also always enjoyed the STEM disciplines. Dentistry affords me the opportunity to combine these interests, while at the same time allowing me to help people improve their quality of life.”

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