Brenda Salamon

Touro’s Lander College for Women—The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School

School of Health Sciences of Touro College

Brenda Salamon

Given that all her brothers went to Touro’s Lander College for Men (LCM) and her oldest brother continued on to School of Health Sciences of Touro College to study physical therapy (PT), it’s no surprise that Brenda Salamon also chose Touro for her undergraduate education, attending Lander College for Women (LCW). “The Jewish atmosphere is a big draw, and the environment is very supportive. They really understand the sensitivities of Jewish students.”

Brenda settled in easily as an undergrad, embracing both the social life and academics. “The social life was great! Everyone had similar goals and values both professionally and personally and were looking to grow in both spheres.” Since she knew that she wanted to work with kids, Brenda had imagined she’d probably become a teacher—but then she fell in love with biology after her first class at LCW. As a biology major, she started to consider PT, especially after watching her oldest brother’s experience in the PT program at School of Health Sciences of Touro College.

She found the support she needed to get there from Touro’s professors. “The professors were very knowledgeable and great at advising me how to get into PT school. They made it an easy transition.” Now, she’s equally impressed by the faculty she’s encountered as a PT student. “Professors are entertaining and captivating, which makes learning pleasurable. They are also advisors and mentors. Not only are they there to network for you, but they’re also very interested in each of us as people—and as future professionals.”

Along with her studies, Brenda also holds an externship at HASC, where she’s developing stronger skills and forging relationships. One memorable experience was when she was helping a child with cerebral palsy walk. While the patient started the process quiet and shy, as his abilities improved, his personality emerged—and now he’s come out his shell. “School’s great,” she says, “but these experiences working with kids and helping them feels very productive.”

Brenda ultimately hopes to work at a school or hospital—or in another pediatric setting helping kids—and is excited by the endless potential of opportunities her degree will bring. “PT is much more all-encompassing than it appears.” Giving her the opportunity to work with kids and be involved in the medical field, PT offers the whole package for Brenda, who says she feels well-prepared. “Touro makes sure students are prepared for the boards, and the pass rate is very high. Touro grads pass, get jobs and are very successful.”

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