Coby Dorfman

Touro’s Lander College for Men

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Coby Dorfman

Coby Dorfman was always interested in science and medicine. He wasn’t one of those who knew in first grade that he would become a doctor. However, during high school, he felt pretty sure that he would pursue a medical career.

After attending Yeshiva in Israel, Dorfman enrolled at Touro’s Lander College for Men. The first semester he took a biology class and was hooked. He went full steam ahead toward a career in medicine –taking all the science courses, shadowing a doctor at an Urgent Care center and conducting research at Sick Kids Hospital and Dana Lana School of Public Health in Toronto.

He chose Lander because he wanted to continue learning Torah at a high level while attending college. He also heard that Touro’s students had a great track record of getting accepted into medical school. “Lander is a place where Torah learning, academic success, and career preparation are all taken seriously,” says Dorfman.

After Lander College, he continued his studies at Touro’s New York Medical College. Today, as a 3rd year medical student, Dorfman is experiencing many different specialties up close. He enjoys learning in the hospital setting and working with the medical professionals to help provide great care to the patients.

Dorfman says, “The rigorous schedule at Lander provided a great foundation for medical school. I learned how to prioritize my time and balance my family life and education. I try to maximize the opportunities I have to spend with my family and learn, while seriously taking on my academic responsibilities.”

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