Emmanuella Rabaev, RN, BSN

Touro’s Lander College for Women

School of Health Sciences of Touro College Nursing Program

Emmanuella Rabaev

Nursing runs in the family for Emanuella Rabaev. Both her mother and grandmother were nurses for many years and watching her mother in action made Rabaev realize that she wanted to do the same. She liked how nurses helped patients and provided direct care.

“Nurses are a bunch of professionals combined. The roles we play requires us to know a little bit about everything. We are the physical therapist, the dietitian, the pharmacist, the psychologist. We are the point of referral that helps the patient get the appropriate care they need. The relationships you build with your patients are the most special,” Rabaev says of her passion for the job.

Rabaev thanks Touro for helping her get to where she is today. She initially chose Touro’s Lander College for Women for her undergraduate studies because it was a special place for her family. She says, “My aunt immigrated to the States 20 years ago and was looking to get her bachelor's. Touro opened their doors and guided her through the process of learning English and getting her degree. As an immigrant myself, I was afraid of going through the same struggles. Knowing how accommodating Touro was to my aunt, I knew that they would provide that same guidance to me.”

Rabaev also appreciated that Touro followed the Jewish calendar, which made the college experience more accommodating to observant Jews such as herself, and the small classes, which meant closer relationships with professors and other staff. When it came time for graduate school, she knew she wanted to stay within the Touro system and applied to the nursing program at the School of Health Sciences.

“Touro’s nursing faculty is beyond knowledgeable, with extensive amounts of experience. The professors want you to be the very best. Touro exposed me to various opportunities that helped me expand my nursing knowledge and skills, such as summer internships, clinical rotations, interprofessional education, and laboratory hours. They have all the resources for you at the tip of your fingers. I felt beyond prepared for the licensure exam. I took it a month after graduating and passed the exam”, Rabaev raves of her experience.

Currently a registered nurse at NYU Langone Health, Rabaev works in the Acute Medicine Unit. “It is a place where we see all kinds of illnesses and injuries. This is the kind of unit where you gain experience and knowledge in all the nursing skills. It is a place I recommend all nurses start. Many find their passion for a specialty after working there,” she says.

For Rabaev, it this variety and the fast-paced, evolving nature that appeals to her most about her current role. “I don’t see myself picking just one specialty. The unexpected work is what makes me love this job,” she explains. “The opportunities for continued education and graduate school are always available. But as of now, I’d like to get certified in my work-field (Medical-Surgical). Also, I’m hoping to shadow the Emergency Room as my passion for the unexpected keeps me on my feet!”

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