Gavriel Berman

Touro's Lander College for Men

New York Medical College

Gavriel Berman

For Toronto native Gavi Berman, it was important to continue in yeshiva while pursuing his lifelong dream to become a doctor. Enter Touro, where, as an undergraduate student at Lander College for Men, he could do both. “I chose Lander because it was a place to continue learning in yeshiva while getting a great education that prepared me for the next step. The science classes at Lander were extremely rigorous and I know they helped get me where I need to be and prepared me for medical school.”

Touro’s commitment to Jewish values was a major plus for Berman, and he decided to stay within the Touro system for medical school. Now a second-year student at Touro’s New York Medical College, Berman is excited for his future in medicine. “The professors are great. They're all professionals in their field with years of experience. I will be well prepared for my clinical rotations and eventually for residency and my career as a medical professional. The school makes sure you know the science and also, how to interact with patients.”

Berman also appreciates how a career in medicine means his love of learning will continue. “In medicine, you always have the ability to continue learning new things. The field of medicine is expanding rapidly. Advancing my own knowledge every day while helping my patients help themselves will be a dream come true,” he says.

After medical school, Berman hopes to work in pediatrics and eventually teach as well. “I'd like to continue teaching and to be involved in academic medicine. I'd like to be able to help train the next generation of medical professionals, medical students and residents.”

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