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Haley Shapiro

When it came time for Haley Shapiro to consider colleges, finding a place that would respect her Jewish values was a top priority. After spending a year studying in Israel, Chicago native Haley came to New York to attend Touro College. “Being in an environment that is Jewish is really comforting. It was very easy to be able balance my schoolwork and my personal life and be surrounded by people who are also needing that same balance,” she says.

The aspiring dentist knew she wanted to stay within the Touro system for dental school. She admired the beautiful campus and cutting-edge technology and appreciated how Touro made the transition to graduate school such a seamless experience. “The Touro system is so welcoming and it’s apparent that they really want you to succeed. The faculty is amazing and ensure you do well. They are always available and to top it off, they’re nice and funny,” she praises. “Through my academic courses and hands-on training Touro is preparing me for my future career.”

After dental school, Shapiro wants to specialize and become an orthodontist, something she says she has been interested in since the third grade. “My senior year of high school I wrote a 10-page essay on becoming an orthodontist,” she recalls. Part of the appeal is helping people become more confident and feel good about themselves. “It’s not just making sure someone does not have a cavity. It’s as much aesthetics as it is scientific. You’re really helping the patient feel confident in themselves. The smile is a universal sign of beauty.”

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