Rochelle Rubinstein

Touro’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences

New York Medical College

Rochelle Rubinstein

Rochelle Rubinstein is currently in her second year at New York Medical College. Though excited about her future in medicine, it took her some time to decide on her career goals. As an undergrad, she chose Touro for its large selection of majors, giving her time to explore her interests and see where her passion lies. “I chose medicine because I wanted to help people improve their health. The human body is fascinating, and people are as unique on the inside as they are on the outside. I appreciate the humanism aspect that as a doctor you have an opportunity to help people truly improve their quality of life on a personal level that’s unlike any other profession,” she says.

When it came time to apply for medical school, Rochelle appreciated that New York Medical College has a high success rate of graduating doctors with a strong preclinical curriculum and clinical experience. As she thinks about her future and in what field to specialize, Rochelle is keeping her options open for now. “There are a vast number of medical specialties, each with their own special flavor and personality. I’m looking forward to career exploration during my clinical rotations and electives.”

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