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Sarah Greenberg

Sarah Greenberg’s interest in occupational therapy (OT) began when she was a teenager. She was only 14 when her cousin was born with Down’s Syndrome. Sarah grew up helping her mom and aunt take him to OT sessions and became absolutely amazed at the process. “I love the client centered approach to enhancing the everyday life of the patient. Humans are diverse and complex, and OT not only recognizes that, but encourages individualism within the practice,” she says.

When it came time to begin her higher ed journey, choosing Touro for undergrad was an easy choice for Sarah. She appreciated the Jewish values, flexibility, small class sizes, and the increased sense of community between students and teachers. A key advantage was the pathway program to the graduate programs at School of Health Sciences of Touro College (SHS). “Touro offered me an incredible deal, financially, logistically, and educationally. I was able to complete my bachelors and masters within five years to achieve my goal of becoming an OT,” explains Sarah.

Today, Sarah is employed as an OT for Fox Rehabilitation, providing home-based services to improve daily living and quality of life in older adults. She sees patients suffering from stroke, hip/knee replacements, Parkinson’s disease, brain cancers, muscle weakness, and poor coordination. Sarah credits Touro for her career success, saying, “Touro did an exceptional job preparing me for skilled services, adaptations, therapeutic activities, neuromuscular re-education and increased self-care, as well as building rapport with patients. I am eternally grateful!”

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