Shannon Levi, PA-C

Touro’s Lander College for Women

School of Health Sciences of Touro College

Shannon Levi

Shannon Levi’s path to becoming a physician assistant (PA) began as an undergrad at Touro’s Lander College for Women (LCW). Set on becoming a PA since high school, Levi, a native of Montreal, Canada, was well aware of Touro’s stellar reputation in the health sciences. She applied (and was accepted!) to Touro’s Integrated Honors Health Science Track, which meant she would start at Lander College for Women before heading to the PA program at the School of Health Sciences of Touro College. After spending a year studying in Israel, Shannon made the move to New York City to start her journey.

Now working as a PA in women’s health, Shannon says Touro helped her accomplish her professional goals. “Touro gave me great exposure to all different fields of medicine and allowed me to narrow down a field that was most appropriate for me. Touro also instilled a significant foundation of medical knowledge. My clinical rotations ultimately helped guide me to women’s health,” she explains.

Shannon chose PA for its strong work life balance allowing her to pursue a meaningful job and rewarding career. “I work in OBGYN. It’s an amazing field and I love working in women’s health. I work three days a week for 12 hours. Depending on the day and cases, I’m either in surgery, consulting with other departments, or handling administrative work,” she says.

The work life balance means she doesn’t have to choose between her family and her career. “For me personally, PA is a perfect middle ground. I have an important career with lots of autonomy and can still be there for my children and family. I don’t feel like I have to give up one for the other,” Shannon says of her life as a medical professional.

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