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Uriel Waldman

As a child, Uriel Waldman saw the joy and fulfillment his father felt from practicing dentistry. It made Waldman strongly consider the profession when thinking about his own future. “Choosing the field of dentistry was an easy choice. Observing my father from a young age had a strong impact on me, and I’ve always had an in interest in helping people,” he says.

Waldman was already familiar with Touro because his brother, David, graduated from Touro’s Lander College of Arts & Sciences (LAS) and went on to become a successful lawyer. Following in his footsteps, Uriel also attended LAS and credits the school for setting him up for success, as well. “I had amazing teachers at Touro including Dr. Eli Ron and Dr. Evan Mintzer, who both prepared me thoroughly for my DAT (dental admission test) and for my didactic courses in dental school,” he enthuses.

Now a student at Touro College of Dental Medicine, Uriel says it was important to him to stay within the Touro family for graduate school. “The teachers are there for you. They give you the attention you need on an individual level. Just as important, the teachers prepare you for whatever career path you may choose. My experiences at Touro have only been positive and I feel they really know me and understand me, so staying was obvious,” he explains.

Between the rigorous academics and the personalized attention from the professors and faculty, Waldman is confident that Touro Dental will ensure he is well-prepared to enter the dentistry profession. “I may want to specialize. Observing Professor Reich utilize different techniques for periodontics was amazing to see,” he says. But for Uriel the main appeal of the field is creating that perfect smile and making people feel comfortable. “It makes me feel great to know that what I do day in and day out makes a difference in people’s health and overall quality of life.”

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